Johannes' personal Website

Hi there. So this is my personal website, where I keep some more or less useful information and some links to my Youtube Channel and my github repositories. Till now there is not much to see here, but maybe when time moves on I will put some more stuff on this page.

If you want to contact me, you can send me a mail to (replace by

You can also find me on Mastadon or LinkedIn.

Youtube Channel

I have a Youtube Channel named Johannes 4GNU_Linux. Here I offer some programming tutorials about:

For most videos (content and production) I use Free libre and open source software only. I want to show my viewers how useful and easy free and open source software can be.

Most of the code I'm writing in my tutorials is hosted in git repositories. You can find them under the address


GNU/Linux is the operating system on my personal computer for over nine years now. I choose this name for my domain, because I like it and it sounds cool. But at work I have to use proprietary software, too. So I know both worlds.

I love free and open source software, because it gives me (the user) control over my PC, while proprietary software controls me. But the second greatest things of free and open source software in my opinion is, that it gives you so much choices. You can ask yourself, how do I want to use my computer. And one thing I absolutely enjoy about GNU/Linux is the ability to access any hardware extremely easily even from Userspace. On my YouTube channel you can find a lot of videos about this.

Tutorials and other stuff

Here you can find some documents and tutorials

Open Source Contributions

Support my work

If you want to support my work, you can buy me a coffee at or you can send me a tip over PayPal

So, that's it. You have read all the content available on my website. Maybe there will be more in the future. Have a nice day!